Library Board

Cami Curtis

Secretary/B-W School Rep.
Cami Curtis is the Baldwin-Woodville School District Representative. This is her fifth year serving on the board, fourth year as the secretary. She is the 6th grade literature teacher at Viking Middle School and loves to pass on her passion for reading to her students.

Ann Ruhlig

Service Area Rep.

Sue Lohmeier

Sue has served on the library board on and off for many years

Bonita Duffney

I moved to Woodville in 2001 but in many ways, I still feel like I'm new to town. I love our library and the services it provides. When I was a little girl my mom would take me to the Montgomery, Minnesota library. I remember some of the first books I checked our were the Snip, Snap and the Snurr and Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka Boos. Now, I've never read Little Woman or Little House on the Prairie but I knew all about these triplets from Norway, Somehow it all fits with me being where I am in Woodville today.

Ashley Smith

Ashley was appointed in 2018

Kelly Peterson

Kelly was appointed in 2019

Nicole Bengtson

Community Representative

Board Meetings

The Library Board generally meets the first Monday of every month.  The meeting agendas are posted at the library, Post office and the Village office.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Board meetings are available at the library.