The Woodville Community Library offers many free or affordable services to patrons every day

Tax Information 2024


Get forms or request they be mailed to you:

Internal Revenue Service

or call (800)829-1040


Wisconsin Department of Revenue

call (608)266-2772 or (414)227-4000

There is no charge for printing tax forms at the library. If you need assistance we are happy to help you.


A photocopier is available for public use for low-volume copying. The cost is $.10 per page and color copies are $.50.



Princh is a convenient app for those who want the convenience of printing at the library from a personal device.

No need to email us your file to have us print it. You can access it all from Princh.

Payment for printing. Princh has integrated electronic payment. This allows users to easily pay from any device or PC -just like online shopping- and there’s no need to set-up payment agreements or provide point of sales hardware to accept transactions via cash, credit/debit card, Paypal, and various payment apps.


  • Download the free Princh app from Google Play or wherever you get your apps.
  • Printing from your phone or tablet
  •  Printing from your laptop
    • Go to your file and choose Princh as your “printer”
    • Tap to select printer
    • Enter ID – (104602)
    • Select “Woodville Library Printer”
    • Choose your print settings: number of copies, print range, double sided printing and color or black and white printing
    • Preview your print
    • Select print
    • Check the box for “I accept terms and conditions”
    • Select “continue”
    • Choose your payment:
      • Pay using a payment card, Paypal or pay at the library circ desk
      • If you would like to pick up your print out-during curbside service, we ask that you do not select pay at the desk
    • Type your full name and click ok
    • Schedule a pick-up with one of our staff

Fax Machine

Library staff can send and receive faxes for patrons. The fee is $1.00 for the first page sent to each phone number and 25 cents for each additional page sent.

Scan to email

If you need a document scanned to your or another party’s email address it is free of charge.

Free Wi-Fi

The library offers free wireless access to patrons. The libraries wireless access policy is available at the library.


Several computers are available for public use of the Internet and word processing. Computer use is limited to 60 minutes per session to maximize walk-in access to the computers. All patrons using the computers must agree to abide by the library’s computer rules:

  • No downloading of games or other software onto the hard drive.
  • No private files may be stored on library computers and any temporary files created shall be deleted by the user at the end of each session.
  • Parental supervision is required for children under 8 to use the computers.
  • Users accessing visual material which may be offensive to other patrons or staff may be asked by staff to terminate the material on the screen. If a second request is necessary, the user may be told to terminate the Internet session.
  • Tampering with library hardware or software and/or engaging in illegal or fraudulent activities via the computer may result in suspension or termination of the patron’s computer privileges and/or referral to law enforcement.
  • Computers are to be shut down five minutes before closing.

Use of Library Internet Stations By Juveniles:

  • The Woodville Library assumes that children entering the library have parental permission to access all the library’s resources, including the Internet. Although the library has general policies governing computer use, library staff are not  able to closely monitor children’s Internet activities.
  • If you want us to deny Internet access to your child, please advise the staff person at the front desk who will ask you to sign a form that will remain in effect until you revoke it or your child turns 18.

A computer printer is available for public use at a charge of 10 cents per page and 50 cents for color.

Meeting Room

Meeting Room Policy is available at the library.

Bulletin Board

The library offers a public notice bulletin board for postings by nonprofit organizations for civic, educational, recreational or cultural purposes.  Such organizations may submit literature publicizing a specific event.  Literature related to political campaigns will not be posted.   Limited space generally allows only short-term posting.  The library director reviews all postings and may prohibit those which do not meet library standards.  Library staff will place and remove postings promptly.

A request for return of items, along with name and telephone number of person to be contacted, must be printed on the back if return is requested.  It is the responsibility of the contact person or their designee to pick up the item within one week of the publicized event.  Otherwise, it may be disposed of at the discretion of the library staff. Posting of items by the library does not imply endorsement of the events or ideas promoted by these materials.